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Figure 10

From: Novel protein kinase D inhibitors cause potent arrest in prostate cancer cell growth and motility

Figure 10

Analogs of CID755673 inhibit prostate cancer cell invasion. A, The analogs inhibited invasion in DU145 cells. 0.08 M DU145 cells in RPMI 1640 media containing 0.1% FBS and 10 μM of indicated compound were seeded into Matrigel inserts. After 22 hours, noninvasive cells were removed and invasive cells were fixed in 100% methanol, stained in 0.1% crystal violet solution, and photographed. The number of cells that invaded the Matrigel matrix was determined by cell counts in 5 fields relative to the number of cells that migrated through the control insert. The data shown is the mean ± S.E.M. of two independent experiments. Statistical significance versus the control DMSO was determined by unpaired t-test. ***, p < 0.001. B, Representative images comparing invasion of the vehicle (DMSO) and the compounds.

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